Joshua Sutherland Allen

Joshua Sutherland Allen

Monday, September 1, 2014

To My Dog, On Being Awakened at 1:30 in the Morning

You whine, you howl, you bark, you scratch my feet
And jump about on my sleeping body,
Pulling me away from bright, peaceful dreams
So that you can go out to urinate -
Or so I think. But when you’re out instead
You run about the borders of our yard,
Barking at anything that moves or sounds.
Your awful howls waken the neighborhood,
And cost me friendly capital with those
Who live nearby.  I force myself awake
To let you in the house when you are done,
Some fifteen or twenty minutes later.
You and I go back to bed: I return
To my dreams, and you to whatever thoughts
Form within the night-time head of a dog.
I sleep, I dream, my body calmly rests,
For fifteen minutes, when you jump on me,
To let me know you want back out again.


  1. The Way of All Dogs....hee hee....but with a face that cute, who could resist? He's adorable.....

  2. Great poem on life with a dog. Could be worse. You could have 5 cats sleeping on top of you at night who get very upset every time you get up to pee.

  3. ha. my cat is similar...she runs across the pillow to wake me up in the night...and sometimes cant seem to make up her mind....hey, i am a school teacher as well...high school math, here...nice to meet you.

  4. This made me smile, as I have three little dogs. I would never let them out like this in the middle of the night, but in the daytime if they are bored sometimes one of them especially begs me to go outside and then proceeds to sniff everything and eat grass, but never DO anything. And then there is one of them who panics during thunderstorms and keeps me awake by barking as long as the thunder roars. But, hey, I love 'em anyway. And, I know you do yours! Thanks for the cool poem and your participation.

  5. Dogs are such having a child there is the hard parts to. This is very heart warming Joshua. Hope you get more sleep other nights. ;-)

  6. Yeah, they are always unsure of which way to go.